Knitting Lab

knitting lab

The knitting operation drives hosiery manufacturing. Structure and patterns, fashion and comfort, all are linked to the way yarn is transformed into sheer hose or socks. And knitting operations are where technology continues to evolve.

Would you be interest in learning more?  Attend our Hosiery 101/102 class and begin to understand the basics of hosiery knitting and dyeing.  The Hosiery 101/102 course is intended for all types of people involved with the Hosiery Industry: buyers, retailers, suppliers, schedulers, supervisors, quality control, personnel, designers, and new employees.

We have the following equipment:

  • Lonati GK 516DL
    • 144 needlell, 4 cylinder, 9 gauge
  • Lonati GK 616DF
    • 168 needle, 3¾ cylinder, 14 gauge
  • Lonati GL 616DF
    • 200 needle, 3¾ cylinder, 22 gauge

Some of the services we can provide in the knitting lab:

  • Product development for yarn companies - whether it’s socks for hand-outs, product testing or market development.
  • Product development for consumers who have ideals for new products, for more information, visit HTC Business and R & D Services
  • Technician training at the lab and in-plant.

These are just a few examples of what we offer in the knitting lab. We work with ideas that come from many sources to see if it is technically possible to produce and then finds a resource to manufacture these ideas. It doesn't matter where the ideas come from. For more information, contact Rodney Sigmon at 828-327-7000 x4144

HTC Seaming Machine in the Seaming Lab

We offer sewing training on Turn-Sew-Turn and the latest automated in-line seaming equipment.

Rosso sewing machines

Rosso Sewing Machine - automated in-line toe seaming

Merrow sewing machine

Merrow - Turn sew turn toe seaming